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#7286: Audiotoolbox: Support decoding Opus and FLAC
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Comment (by macdavis):

 As tzahola mentioned in https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16320721,

 It actually makes sense, because libFLAC has no public API for getting the
 compressed audio packets as is. Rice/huffmann/whatever decompression
 always happens inside libFLAC.

 With Appleā€™s AudioFile API you can decide whether you want the
 decompressed PCM samples, or the underlying compressed packets. You can
 get better energy efficiency if you offload the decompression step to the
 dedicated coprocessor. The difference is smaller than with hardware vs
 software h.264 decoding, but there is a difference.

 (For lossy codecs this also makes sense when you want to forward the
 compressed packets to a wireless speaker in order to avoid lossy
 recompression on Bluetooth transmission.)

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