[FFmpeg-trac] #7511(undetermined:new): FFmpeg Windows version with QSV hwaccel fails over TERMINAL

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#7511: FFmpeg Windows version with QSV hwaccel fails over TERMINAL
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Comment (by msiders):


 I found specific information in offical documentation from Intel:

 In section "4.18.1 Muti-GPU and “headless” configurations" indicates:

 Applications wishing to leverage the Intel Media SDK’s hardware
 acceleration library
 when a discrete card is the primary device, or on devices without a
 monitor attached –
 such as “Session 0” modes, are required to initialize the Intel Media SDK
 to utilize the
 DirectX11 infrastructure, as well as provide its own memory allocation
 routines that
 manage DirectX 11 surfaces.

 So, the solution seems to include a new parameter when initializing the
 QSV context to select D3D11 when calling to MFXInit().

 What you think?

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