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#8064: doesn't see full VOB track
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  brianjmurrell                      |
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                                     |  undetermined
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Comment (by mkver):

 Here are some options for how to proceed with this ticket:
 1. You put the vob file in a folder where VLC can't see the other files
 and see whether it still shows the 57:01 duration.
 2. You could remux the DVD with ffmpeg to see if the output duration is
 actually 54:29.
 3. You could watch the vob file using ffplay and compare this to VLC. When
 doing so, you should also measure the duration and look if there is
 something that VLC has that ffplay is missing.
 4. You use another tool (e.g. MediaInfo) to inspect the file.
 5. You upload the file (or even the whole DVD)
 [https://streams.videolan.org/upload/ here] (project FFmpeg, of course),
 so that it can be analyzed whether this is a bug in FFmpeg (notice that it
 could also be VLC that is wrong). This could be problematic because of
 copyright issues.
 6. We close this ticket due to lack of reproducibility on our part.
 (1.-4. are only to decide whether this is an issue at all. If it is an
 issue, the sample will be needed anyway.)

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