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#8064: doesn't see full VOB track
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Comment (by brianjmurrell):

 1. Given that ffmpeg's idea that it's only 54:29 results in a transcode
 that chops off the last 1.5 minutes, I think VLC is the accurate one here.
 2. Is moot if we concede that the track really is 57:01 isn't it?
 3. Again, given #1, isn't this moot?
 4. Isn't this also moot if we accept #1?
 5. Yeah, not an option due to copyright issues.
 6. This would be a pity, as it does seem to be a problem in ffpmeg.

 I did manage to use `mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile fifo` along with
 `ffmpeg` to convert the track and that did yield a 57:01 resulting
 transcode.  But boy that is hacky.  Both mplayer and ffmpeg need to be
 backgrounded multiple times to get it to the point of transcoding and
 ffmpeg doesn't stop at the end of the fifo but needs to be SIGINTR'd.

 Even though `mplayer -dumpstream` does manage to get `ffmpeg` the full
 file, it's got to be just about the worst tool for it, not backgrounding
 properly and not being able to pipe to stdout, etc.  Isn't there a better
 tool to just extract a title properly from a DVD?  My distribution doesn't
 seem to have `dvd2concat`.

 That said, I do think that that one single VOB has the full 57 minutes in
 it.  `ffmpeg` is just unable to extract it all.

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