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#8064: doesn't see full VOB track
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Comment (by brianjmurrell):

 Replying to [comment:9 mkver]:
 > 1. Who says that VLC not simply uses another file without ever telling

 Like what other file?  I think all of the evidence here is more than just
 suggesting that the track's real duration is ~57 minutes, not the ~54 (and
 a short transcode) that ffmpeg is reporting.

 > 2. This point has been asked to distinguish between a bug in the part
 that estimates a file's duration and the actual demuxer (it is possible
 for remuxing with ffmpeg to yield a file with a different length than the
 initial estimate).

 Yes, but the resulting file is also truncated.  To be honest, I couldn't
 really care any less what any tool says what the duration of the file is.
 What I care about is that ffmpeg is producing a truncated transcode.  The
 durations are just being used as indicators that ffmpeg is not reading or
 calculating (or whatever) the duration properly and the end result is a
 truncated transcode.

 So let's just forget about durations -- reported, calculated or otherwise.
 This bug is really about ffmpeg truncating a transcode when it is being
 given the only VOB file that exists for a track and yet if that track is
 given to ffmpeg via `mplayer -dumpstream` it transcodes it just fine.

 I don't suppose this is going to go any further though without my
 violating a copyright and uploading a copy of the DVD.

 I seem to have gotten `mplayer -dumpstream` to work so maybe that's the
 end result of this issue.  Unfortunately.

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