[FFmpeg-trac] #8074(avformat:new): movflags write_colr not working for ProRes encoded mov files

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Thu Aug 15 05:44:09 EEST 2019

#8074: movflags write_colr not working for ProRes encoded mov files
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Comment (by en5ca):

 Replying to [comment:5 en5ca]:
 > Replying to [comment:4 Gyan]:
 > > Quicktime (MOV) files don't store colour range. See
 > That [...]

 read through. if i understood correctly that was about adding color range
 metadata to prores encoded video in mov container, which apparently isnt
 supported. im trying to add color space/primaries/transfer
 characteristics, but instead ffmpeg adds tv/mpeg/limited color range and
 progressive field order metadata tags, and none of the intended color
 tags. pointing out this problem occurs only with git master/later versions
 of ffmpeg. and affects at least prores, dnxhd/dnxhr and uncompressed
 (v210) yuv422 encoding/muxing to mov/quicktime. ffmpeg seems to leave out
 the color space/trc/prim data, and arbitrarily adds either field order
 progressive or color range tv, or both, metadata tags. compared with
 davinci resolve produced files, and it seems to correctly add the
 space/trc/prim metadatas to mov, and ffprobe also reads them correctly, so
 the problem probably lies somewhere in muxing the mov with ffmpeg.

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