[FFmpeg-trac] #8103(undetermined:new): ffmpeg unable to use specific 3dlut file

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Thu Aug 29 16:57:27 EEST 2019

#8103: ffmpeg unable to use specific 3dlut file
             Reporter:  Bernardus     |                     Type:  defect
               Status:  new           |                 Priority:  normal
            Component:  undetermined  |                  Version:  3.4.6
             Keywords:  3dlut         |               Blocked By:
             Blocking:                |  Reproduced by developer:  0
Analyzed by developer:  0             |
 Hi there,

 I have some D-log M video files from my DJI Mavic 2 drone that I would
 like to process on my linux system in Openshot. In order to apply a 3d LUT
 I use ffmpeg with the option -vf lut3d=<LUT file>. However using a default
 LUT file provided by DJI results in a error. PLease help!

 Summary of the bug:
 How to reproduce:
 % ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf lut3d="DLog-M+to+Rec709.cube" output.mp4
 ffmpeg version 3.4.6-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
 built with gcc 7 (Ubuntu 7.3.0-16ubuntu3)
 The output of ffmpeg is:
 [Parsed_lut3d_0 @ 0x55fd3ad23e20] 3D LUT is empty
 [AVFilterGraph @ 0x55fd3ad21c20] Error initializing filter 'lut3d' with
 args 'DLog-M+to+Rec709.cube'
 Error reinitializing filters!
 Failed to inject frame into filter network: Invalid data found when
 processing input
 Error while processing the decoded data for stream #0:0
 Conversion failed!

 I have an other LUT file (thisoneworks.cube) that does work as expected
 when applied to the same video file, so I'm wondering what's going wrong

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