[FFmpeg-trac] #8023(undetermined:new): no #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY is added to hls manifest is source is -f concat

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Tue Jul 16 16:51:33 EEST 2019

#8023: no #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY is added to hls manifest is source is -f concat
             Reporter:  larez        |                     Type:  defect
               Status:  new          |                 Priority:  normal
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  undetermined                       |  unspecified
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 Summary of the bug:

 transmuxing a "-f concat -i concat.lst"  to hls
 should add #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY after each list item

 How to reproduce:

 1) create concat list of http://...m3u8 files :

 list.txt :
 file 'http://../1.m3u8'
 file 'http://../2.m3u8'
 file 'http://../n.m3u8'

 2)create master m3u8
 cat <<'IDXEOF' > index.m3u8

 3) transmux
 hls_opts="-f hls -hls_time 4 -hls_list_size 10 -hls_flags $h_flags
 -hls_allow_cache 0 -start_number 1"

 ffmpeg -v verbose -y -f concat -safe 0 -protocol_whitelist
 "file,http,https,tcp,tls" -re -i list.txt -vstats_file stats.txt  -map
 0:v:1 -c:v copy -copyts -start_at_zero -metadata:s:0 language=eng -map
 0:a:1 -c:a copy -copyts -start_at_zero -metadata:s:1 language=eng -flags
 -global_header  -hls_segment_filename sd_%05d.ts  $hls_opts 'hd.m3u8'
 -map 0:a:1 -c:a copy -copyts -start_at_zero -metadata:s:1 language=eng
 -flags -global_header  -hls_segment_filename hd_%05d.ts  $hls_opts

 ffmpeg creates then a readable live (vlc, kaltura hls test player accept
 http://your_hls_live_server/master m3u8) if all m8u8 source items from
 concat list were transcoded in the same way, but it would be better to
 #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY into hd.m3u8 (in this case) after each
 new source read from the list in case if encoding (or resoution) change.
 ffmpeg signals each new list read in its log, so, the logic could be
 easily added, e.g.
 if source is concat and output is hls => signal discontinuity after the
 end of each source from the list

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