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#7777: cropdetect values cut too much
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Comment (by JouMxyzptlk):

 Current workaround for my encoding batch, calculating w= and h= manually
 since the detection of the x1 / x2 / y1 / y2 are correct:

 set modulo=2
 c:\prog\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg -hide_banner -ss 00:05:00 -loglevel info -i
 %input% -frames:v 2000 -vf "cropdetect=16:%modulo%:2000" -f null NUL 2>&1
 | grep -o -e "[0-9]\{1,\} x2:.*y2:[0-9]\{1,\}" | tail -1 | sed -e s/"
 [a-z][0-9]:"/" "/g > %temp%\crop.txt
 set a= && set b= && set c= && set d=
 for /f "tokens=1-4" %%a in (%temp%\crop.txt) do set x1=%%a&& set x2=%%b&&
 set y1=%%c&& set y2=%%d
 set /a w=%x2%+1-%x1%
 set /a h=%y2%+1-%y1%
 set /a w2=%w%/%modulo%*%modulo%
 if not "%w2%"=="%w%" set /a w=%w%+1 && goto :wcheck
 set /a h2=%h%/%modulo%*%modulo%
 if not "%h2%"=="%h%" set /a h=%h%+1 && goto :hcheck
 set crop=crop=%w%:%h%:%x1%:%y1%
 echo %crop%

 You shoudn't use modulo higher that 8 since 1080 / 16 is 67.5, ending up
 with h=1088 when using this calc method.

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