[FFmpeg-trac] #7818(ffmpeg:new): crop filter can't do single pixel width

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Thu Mar 28 19:48:01 EET 2019

#7818: crop filter can't do single pixel width
             Reporter:  adaerr       |                    Owner:
                 Type:  defect       |                   Status:  new
             Priority:  normal       |                Component:  ffmpeg
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Comment (by adaerr):

 Additional observation:
 The bug is not observed when using lavfi's testsrc  instead of color. That
 ffmpeg -report -f lavfi -i testsrc -vf crop=1:70 -vframes 1 -y slice.png
 runs fine, producing the expected 1x70 PNG image, whereas
 ffmpeg -report -f lavfi -i color -vf crop=1:70 -vframes 1 -y slice.png
 as mentioned in the initial report fails with an error. Inspecting the
 logs reveals that the second variant leads to the auto-insertion of an
 auto_scaler_0 into the filtergraph, which is not the case in the first
 variant. Just after that, Parsed_crop_0 reports its configuration as
 "[Parsed_crop_0 @ 0x55d8e481f540] w:320 h:240 sar:1/1 -> w:0 h:70 sar:1/1"
 (see log attached with original message) and produces a fatal error, while
 the corresponding line in the output of the testsrc variant above reads
 "[Parsed_crop_0 @ 0x55dea412be00] w:320 h:240 sar:1/1 -> w:1 h:70
 sar:1/1". Small but essential difference...

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