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Thu Aug 27 13:00:45 EEST 2020

#8870: How to use AVIO_FLAG_DIRECT
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 Summary of the bug:
 I want to reduce buffering overhead when using avio_open2/av_write_frame
 How to reproduce:
 avio_open2(formatContext->pb, "test.avi", AVIO_FLAG_WRITE |
 av_write_frame(formatContext, avPacket); //return -5 if avpack.size >
 I found that is due to line 241 in file.c where this value is set. In line
 425 in file avio.c is this value compared to input size and fails if size
 > 262144. Is there any way to workaround this?
 ffmpeg version
 built on 4.3.1

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