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#8733: hls segments list repeated names
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Comment (by stevenliu):

 liuqideMacBook-Pro:dash liuqi$ printf %01d\\n 100
 liuqideMacBook-Pro:dash liuqi$
 liuqideMacBook-Pro:dash liuqi$ vim test.c
 Press ENTER or type command to continue
 liuqideMacBook-Pro:dash liuqi$ gcc test.c -o out
 liuqideMacBook-Pro:dash liuqi$ ./out
 liuqideMacBook-Pro:dash liuqi$ cat test.c
 #include <stdio.h>

 int main(int argc, char *argv[])

     printf("%0001d\n", 30);
     return 0;
 liuqideMacBook-Pro:dash liuqi$

 Sorry, i cannot understand what you want to do, but the document about the
 %0nd discribe is bellow:

 man printf
 Zero or more of the following flags:

              #       A `#' character specifying that the value should be
 printed in an ``alternate form''.  For b, c, d, s and u formats, this
 option has no effect.  For the o formats the precision of the number is
                      increased to force the first character of the output
 string to a zero.  For the x (X) format, a non-zero result has the string
 0x (0X) prepended to it.  For a, A, e, E, f, F, g and G formats,
                      the result will always contain a decimal point, even
 if no digits follow the point (normally, a decimal point only appears in
 the results of those formats if a digit follows the decimal point).
                      For g and G formats, trailing zeros are not removed
 from the result as they would otherwise be;

              -       A minus sign `-' which specifies left adjustment of
 the output in the indicated field;

              +       A `+' character specifying that there should always
 be a sign placed before the number when using signed formats.

              ` '     A space specifying that a blank should be left before
 a positive number for a signed format.  A `+' overrides a space if both
 are used;

              0       A zero `0' character indicating that zero-padding
 should be used rather than blank-padding.  A `-' overrides a `0' if both
 are used;

 but i don't think only repeat the last segment is a good idea,
 ffmpeg make the segment list, seg0.ts, seg1.ts, seg2.ts ... when rollback
 or repeat the last segment, for example seg9.ts, how many seconds should
 the CDN cache the segments?
 this i why deprecated the hls_wrap and use the hls_list_sise to controll
 the length of the hls list. because the CDN can cache the files enough
 long time.

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