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Mon Jun 15 02:23:07 EEST 2020

#8732: videotoolbox decoding Could not find ref with POC 0
             Reporter:  der_richter   |                    Owner:
                 Type:  defect        |                   Status:  new
             Priority:  normal        |                Component:  avcodec
              Version:  git-master    |               Resolution:
             Keywords:  videotoolbox  |               Blocked By:
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Comment (by der_richter):

 i really can't make a strong case here. for testing just now, copied the
 video stream via ffmpeg into an mp4 container and tagged the stream
 appropriately for quicktime (so it can decode and play it back). quicktime
 can only decode it via sw too, cpu utilisation is similar to ffmpeg.

 if you were wondering why i didn't check that before. i didn't get this
 sample to playback in quicktime at all and jeeb mentioned one has to tag
 the video stream for it appropriately just now.

 i guess this can most likely be closed because this seems to be a
 limitation of videotoolbox or related.

 just in case anyone wants to know:
 ffmpeg -i iVhY.mkv -map 0:0 -c copy -tag:v hvc1 iVhY.mp4

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