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#8935: libxvid additions and clarification
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 Trying to leave xvid_encraw and mencoder behind for Xvid encoding I
 compared FFmpegs libxvid options against mencoder.

 There are a few options which are unclear if I mapped them correctly and
 there seem to be a bunch of options missing.

 I have no clue how to properly map:
 1. turbo  (missing?)
 2. zones  (missing?)
 3. me_quality since me_method only seems to have 5 instead of 7 options
 4. cartoon  (missing?)
 5. chroma_opt   (missing?)
 6. vhq since mdb only has 3 instead of 5 options
 7. keyframe_boost   (missing?)
 8. kfthreshold   (missing?)
 9. kfreduction   (missing?)
 10. bf_threshold   (missing?)
 11. packed   (missing?)
 12. curve_compression_high
 13. curve_compression_low
 14. overflow_control_strength
 15. max_overflow_improvement
 16. max_overflow_degradation
 17. bvhq   (missing?)
 18. vbv_initial   (missing?)


 Would be nice if:
 a. someone could tell me how to properly map those options to ffmpeg for
 Xvid encoding
 b. if missing options could be added to ffmpegs libxvid support.

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