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#9118: Thumbnails in DASH
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 Dear all,

 I would like to notice the lack of an important functionality for ffmpeg
 DASH, which is adding tiled thumbnails to the current manifest.

 Those can be generated attaching an adaptation set in the manifest
 according: DASH-IF IOP version 4.2, section 6.2.6 defines the notion of
 image-based tracks in DASH: https://dashif.org/docs/DASH-IF-IOP-v4.3.pdf.

 So would it be possible to implement the option for dash to generate
 thumbnails at same time that DASH content is generated, and to attach them
 in the manifest? For dynamic and static manifests.

 Tiled thumbnails can be generated with the following command:

 ffmpeg -i INPUT -q:v 20 -vf
 -vsync vfr output%d.jpg

 An then an adaptation set could be added according to:

     <AdaptationSet contentType="image" id="4" mimeType="image/jpeg">
       <SegmentTemplate duration="<<tileduration>>"
 media="output$Number$.jpg" startNumber="1" />
       <Representation bandwidth="12895" height="270"
 id="thumbnails_256x144" width="43200">
 value="<<tileduration>>x1" />

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