[FFmpeg-trac] #9352(avfilter:new): loudnorm filter goofs loudness measurements in some cases

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Fri Jul 30 02:10:23 EEST 2021

#9352: loudnorm filter goofs loudness measurements in some cases
             Reporter:  Gregory      |                     Type:  defect
  Beauregard                         |
               Status:  new          |                 Priority:  normal
            Component:  avfilter     |                  Version:
                                     |  unspecified
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 Summary of the bug: The loudnorm filter can badly goof the integrated
 loudness in certain situations (e.g. particular noise after a resample)
 resulting in significant distortion if attempting to use it.

 Using the attached file `loudnorm_samp.mkv` (4.7 MB), 48 kHz DTS-HD,
 analyze the loudness with loudnorm to get integrated loudness ~-21:
 `"input_i" : "-21.57"`:
 ffmpeg -i loudnorm_samp.mkv -af
 aresample=ocl=stereo,loudnorm=print_format=json -f null -

 However, when we reanalyze it by giving the resampler a dither and
 specifying 48 kHz, the loudnorm filter goofs the integrated loudness with
 0.13: "input_i" : "0.13"`:
 ffmpeg -i loudnorm_samp.mkv -af
 -f null -

 This results in really wrong re-normalization resulting in significant
 distortion. If we run `ebur128` to analyze the loudness instead of
 `loudnorm` in the situation where it goofs, `ebur128` outputs an expected
 -22.2 integrated loudness, and doesn't change between the two situations
 ffmpeg -i loudnorm_samp.mkv -af
 aresample=ocl=stereo:dither_method=shibata:osr=48000,ebur128 -f null -

 So there's some odd sensitivity in the `loudnorm` filter that's messing it
 up where `ebur128` is still ok.
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