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#9132: Wrong pixel format/output when converting video to yuv444p*
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 >Matrix coefficients: Identity

 I agree it is a bug and the behavior has changed, i.e. '''Identity matrix
 was not written and now it is'''.

 For now use
 ffmpeg -i TESTCASE.mkv -pixel_format yuv444p -color_primaries 1 -color_trc
 1 -colorspace 1 TESTCASE-yuv1.mkv

 You can add -color_range too. Also yuv420p and yuv422p are "broken" too.

 Identity (and YCgCo) are very different matrices, as the order of
 operations are different (MatrixCoefficients 0 (Identity) or 8 (YCgCo) not
 only use different equations for the full-to-limited range adjustment but
 also perform the full-to-limited range adjustment before applying the
 transfer matrix). Maybe that is why. Dunno. FFmpeg tries to preserve such
 flags, maybe they overpresrved it.

 BTW, please note that if you will ever use bmp, it is broken. See:

 you must add -vf format=rgb24 for it.

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