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#9149: bugs in Altivec code
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Comment (by ilyakurdyukov):

 "If the issues you see are reproducible with current FFmpeg git head"

 As I said, I can't test this because I don't have Altivec hardware to test
 it, but I'm pretty sure this code is wrong as I ported this code to a
 different SIMD architecture and changed these parts with the correct code.

 And I have no intention of fixing the Altivec code, when I told my
 colleagues that I found bugs in the Altivec code during porting, they
 recommended reporting this to the ffmpeg bug tracker, which I did.

 Also I found strange code in "libswscale/ppc/yuv2rgb_altivec.c":

 yuv2packedX_altivec() has some code after the loop that calculates the
 extra remaining bytes that are less than 16x RGB blocks. But this code
 will never be called, because of "i < dstW" conditional, it should be "i +
 15 < dstW".

     for (i = 0; i < dstW; i += 16) {

     if (i < dstW) {
         i -= 16;
         memcpy(&((uint32_t *) dest)[i], scratch, (dstW - i) / 4);

 And altivec_uyvy_rgb32() in the same source file - seems to be never
 called in the current version of ffmpeg.

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