[FFmpeg-user] MPEG-4/WAV container for quick A/V sync tweaking

Andrew Berg bahamutzero8825 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 22:02:52 CEST 2011

On 2011.04.18 02:42 PM, Olivier Guilyardi wrote:
> Which container formats support an MPEG-4 video with a WAV audio stream? I'm
> looking for a format which is supported by most players.
AVI and Matroska. If by MPEG-4 video, you mean AVC/H.264, then I
wouldn't recommend AVI.
Decent software players should have no problems with this, but very few
hardware players would support this combination, even if the codecs and
container are supported in other combinations.
> Is there a such format which would allow to adjust the A/V sync offset very
> quickly, by modifying a field in the header, without the need to copy or
> transcode the whole file?
Not sure if Matroska can specify an offset, but I know MP4 and MPEG-TS can.

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