[FFmpeg-user] [ffmpeg for iphone] img_convert

PhamSonThuy thuyps at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 25 18:39:50 CEST 2011

Hi team,
My name ThuyPham, from Vietnam.
I have a question for you, please help me:

Q: I have successfully using the latest ffmpeg, but I found that sws_scale() ate 
too much CPU. I knew that now img_convert was deprecated and the replacement is 
sws_scale. But my app does not need any scale, just img_convert is enough. So 
the question is how can I improve sws_scale() or how to make img_convert() 
visible? I downloaded the older version that supports img_convert but I could 
not compile it by using gas_preprocessor (seems gas_preprocessor only for the 
new versions).

I'm a newbie on MacOS, so compiling ffmpeg is really a big challenge to me :(

Regards & Thank you!

- ThuyPham

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