[FFmpeg-user] AAC Downsample Doesn't Work With -f mpegts

Shalom Levytam research at the10thfloor.com
Wed Apr 27 02:43:01 CEST 2011


I was wondering if someone could help me with downsampling aac audio when converting to a .ts file.

Currently, I'm trying:

ffmpeg -y -i mc497b98.mp4 -f mpegts -acodec libfaac -ar 22050 -ac 2 -ab 64k -vcodec libx264 .....

The converted file is missing audio.  
Stream #0.1[0x101](und): Audio: aac, 0 channels, s16

If I upsample (ie -ar 48000) or remove -ar entirely it works fine. 

If I leave the -ar but remove -f mpegts it also works fine.

Any thoughts?



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