[FFmpeg-user] BOUNTY OFFERED: AAC 5.1 -> AAC Stereo

NokNok Developer developer at noknok.net
Sat Apr 30 07:05:18 CEST 2011


I guess its a matter of how its done.  As one person has suggested in a 
private email, integrating this into libavfilter, which is a larger 
undertaking, but also a better solution overall.  One can also simply 
implement a rudimentary channel mix which previous patches already exist 
, and would only need to be adapted to current code.  So, yes the range 
of implementation could range from 2 hrs, to 20 hours.

I would also say, as I do not code within the ffmpeg base or libs, I 
have no clue as to the task at hand, only the previous patches as 
reference material.  Additionally, being an open source and community 
project, the ability I am sure to resample AAC to other channel 
selections would be something of a benefit to all, and not so much as a 
one-off task for say just me.

I light of what of what I have seen in the code base (looking this past 
week), and other, I bumped and asked for a suggestion, and while most 
work is done on ffmpeg out of interest by someone (contributor), I have 
specifically asked that whatever work is to be done, be acceptable to 
the maintainers, as I would like this to be a benefit for everyone and 
included in the normal branch.  To that end, I am not sure how many 
people do offer compensation for features to ffmpeg, vs just bitching in 
the mailing that something doesnt work, or when will ffmpeg support "x" 
or "y".  Thru a previous discussion with another party, it was also 
suggested the amount should be in $1000 area.  So again, the reason I 
asked for suggestions.

You also suggest "reasonable consulting rates".  If I was looking to do 
this, and and keep the patch to ourselves, etc, I would agree, we could 
just about go and find any in the know consultant with ffmpeg/libav 
libs, and have it done.  But part of the purpose of offering the bounty 
is to both give back to the developers who have made ffmpeg a terrific 
tool for many many people, as well keep it open source for everyone.  
With that concept in mind, we had hoped there was someone else with the 
same need, capable of doing the job, and we could come to some fair amount.

Soooooo... with all that being said...  I'll make the bounty $1000, and 
if someone is interested, let me know.  If not, of course we will end up 
going the other route and consult it out on freelancer or something, 
which doesnt help anyone :( but our need.


On 4/29/2011 10:38 PM, Bryan Murphy wrote:
> I'm sorry, but I just don't think anybody is going to take you
> seriously.  $250 is barely two hours of work at reasonable consulting
> rates and this is seems to be a very hard problem.  Maybe if you
> offered 10x that amount...
> Bryan
> On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 6:48 PM, NokNok Developer<developer at noknok.net>  wrote:
>> Bump..  If in fact it takes more then the below amount, suggest something
>> that does work.
>> On 4/21/2011 12:17 PM, NokNok Developer wrote:
>>> Over the years we have seen various patches by folks to enable various
>>> forms of 6 Channel to Stereo downsampling, non of which ever were
>>> implemented in the core code base for AAC (internal) processing.
>>> While the solution to this problem can range from a simple mixing of
>>> channels, adjusting volumes, etc to more advanced, our goal is to find a
>>> solution acceptable to the ffmpeg team in any form at this point.
>>> Many devices support AAC but in a stereo mode only vs 6 channel, etc.
>>> We would like to offer such a bounty to get such a solution in the code
>>> base which will enable downsampling of AAC 5.1 to AAC stereo when encoding.
>>>     An example of two previous variations:
>>> http://muzso.hu/2009/02/25/downsampling-multichannel-audio-5.1-into-stereo-2-channels-with-ffmpeg
>>> Its important that the solution be acceptable in a form which it can be
>>> included in the standard code base for ffmpeg so we are not having to patch,
>>> etc.  Using the internal AAC encoder (-strict experimental)
>>> Depending on the solution we would place the bounty anywhere from
>>> $50-$250.
>>> If you are interested in doing this, or do this and looking for payment,
>>> please email ffmpegbounty [at] bitsling.com
>>> Not sure where best in placing this bounty, so if not on the proper list,
>>> please let us know as well.
>>> Thank You
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