[FFmpeg-user] Forcing interlaced handling

Stefano Sabatini stefasab at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 00:34:46 CET 2012

On date Wednesday 2012-02-01 13:39:38 +0000, Tim Nicholson encoded:
> I have some V210 files and in both .mov and .mxf wrapper do not seem
> to have any interlace flag settings, although I know them to be
> -tff.
> I wish to convert them to dvvideo, however the fieldorder=bff filter
> only works if the source material is flagged as tff, which it is
> not.
> I have tried various things, including using fieldorder=tff,
> fieldorder=bff so that the first filter does nothing but sets the
> flag, so that the second filter does what is required, but this
> failed.

> I have also tried using -top before the input file, but this too did
> nothing, as did using a scale filter with scale=iw:ih:1.

Looks like -top is ignored on input.

> Does anybody have an idea how to force tff interlace handling?

Uhm... try with the attached patch and tell if it works for you.
ffmpeg-user random tip #11
One minute of video silence with ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -t 60 -s qcif -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb24 -r 25 -i /dev/zero \
    -y silence.mpeg
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