[FFmpeg-user] Mailing list character sets

Maurice Randall maurice at cmdrkey.com
Thu Feb 2 15:16:27 CET 2012

This doesn't pertain to FFMPEG itself, but rather to the mailing list.
I run my own email server using Exim4 and I've done a lot of development
work on the server setup over the past 10 years and it serves me well.
It blocks a great deal of spam. I get maybe one spam per week.

This morning, I received a notice from the mailing list that goes like

"Your membership in the mailing list ffmpeg-user has been disabled due
to excessive bounces The last bounce received from you was dated

My server blocked a particular email from the mailing list because it
uses an odd character set. Checking the character set is one of the items
my server looks at. Email to a mailing list that is in English shouldn't
be using an odd character set. When I say odd, I mean odd to an English
speaking person or an English related mailing list. I"m sure the character
set is not odd to the originator of the email.

I checked the reject logs and found the entry where the FFMPEG email was
rejected. This is the character set from the email:


This is a Ukranian character set. Now, maybe plain ASCII or UTF-8 or
something more normal was used in the body of the email, but the header
of the email identified it otherwise and so my server rejected the email.
The email would be acceptable if received in a Ukranian speaking country.

I will add some code that exempts the FFMPEG mailing list from the
character set test.

Am I not right that only certain character sets should be used when sending
email to this list?


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