[FFmpeg-user] Mailing list character sets

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Feb 2 15:52:39 CET 2012

Am 02.02.2012 15:42, schrieb Maurice Randall:
>> no, you are NOT right because it is not your decision nor the one
>> of the mailing-list admins to tell people which charset they
>> configure and your server setup is simply broken!
> I understand this mailing list is world-wide, but shouldn't it be using
> a universal character set? After all, aren't all the messages in English?

and YOU decide that everybody has to set the charset you wish
in his mail-client as default because YOU are blocking messages?

most charsets are containing the whole ASCII set for english
and if somebody lives in a foreign country, writing a mail
in english and maybe have a NAME with special chars what should
the do - go out and get a new name because ASCII does not support
his one and you are rejecting his mails?

with this attitude you should consider NOT to maintain mailservers

> My server setup is not broken. I agree, it would be broken if the same
> setup was used in certain countries and by other people, but it is not
> broken for me.

if it would not be broken you would not have been written the
first mail in this topic

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