[FFmpeg-user] configure on Debian Squeeze

tovis mailer.tovis at freemail.hu
Tue Feb 7 23:09:27 CET 2012

Thanks a lot Carl Eugen!
This was the key - it even was not installed at all :)
(I have struggling over "configure" script and does not realized that
pkg-config is an external command - silly me. I never used this command
Configuration goes smoothly compilation is some strange and frightening -
so many warnings - will it work? At least "drawtext" filter seem to be

Thanks a lot again.

PS: I'm a big fun of minimalistic installations, I must suspect this kind
of mistake.

> tovis <mailer.tovis <at> freemail.hu> writes:
>> check_pkg_config freetype2 ft2build.h freetype/freetype.h
>> FT_Init_FreeType
>> ERROR: freetype2 not found
> What does
> pkg-config --modversion freetype2
> report?
> Carl Eugen
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