[FFmpeg-user] MP4 h264 video: convert left/right audio channels to seperate audio tracks

Trépanier,Jason jtrepanier at cpac.ca
Tue Feb 7 23:36:15 CET 2012

I have several terabytes of videos in MP4 h264 and unfortunately they are encoded in a strange way.



Video track

Audio track 1: Left channel is English

Audio track 1: Right channel is French

Audio track 2: Left channel is Spanish

Audio track 2: Right channel is empty


Would it be possible by some miracle to extract the left/right channels and convert them to Separate tracks?



Video track

Audio track 1: left/right English

Audio track 2: left/right French

Audio track 3: left/right Spanish


If this is not possible, then would anyone happen to know of a streaming media server that can serve videos and specific audio track channels (left channel or right channel, not both)?

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