[FFmpeg-user] Need to debug the ffmpeg with gdb <--enable-debug=3>

Rocky Marrone rocky.marrone at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 05:58:32 CET 2012

Hi All,

I am loading all the ffmpeg .so<libavformat.so, etc> with dlopen and
calling them with dlsym.
And I need to debug ffmpeg library also, so with configure I passed
--enable-debug=3 option.
But while doing step in with gdb its not going into the ffmpeg code, what
could be the possible solution for it?

Configure command which I am using is as follows:----

./configure --prefix=$FFMPEG_BUILD_DIR --target-os=linux
--extra-cflags=-Wall --extra-cflags=-O3 --extra-cflags=-g --extra-cflags=-c
--enable-debug=3   \
    --disable-ffserver  --disable-hardcoded-tables
 --disable-extra-warnings --disable-mmx2             \
    --disable-ssse3 --disable-mmx --disable-iwmmxt       --disable-small
--disable-memalign-hack      \
    --disable-altivec  --enable-mpegaudio-hp    --enable-network
--disable-ffmpeg                       \
    --disable-ffplay  --disable-zlib    --enable-muxers   --enable-encoders
   --enable-protocols       \
    --enable-decoders        --enable-demuxers      --enable-parsers
--enable-shared                  \
    --extra-cflags=-fPIC    --disable-protocol=rvu --disable-protocol=mms
--disable-protocol=pvod       \
    --disable-protocol=ra --disable-protocol=vudu --disable-protocol=wvine
--disable-protocol=clip      \
    --disable-protocol=dlna  --disable-protocol=https
--enable-protocol=pvod                            \


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