[FFmpeg-user] ffplay and j2k

Donald McLachlan Donald.McLachlan at crc.ca
Wed Feb 8 16:01:23 CET 2012

On 07/02/2012 4:27 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Donald McLachlan<Donald.McLachlan<at>  crc.ca>  writes:
>> [j2k @ 0x140e3c0] only LRCP progression supported
> This means you need libopenjpeg for this image,
> the native decoder only has limited features.
> (Install libopenjpeg, then configure with --enable-libopenjpeg)

Hi Carl,

Thanks.  I have downloaded, built and installed the latest libopenjpeg 
tarball (using the cmake commands).
I rebuilt ffmpeg with make clean, ./configure --enable-libopenjpeg, 
make, and make install.
And I got the exact same results.

How can I verify that libopenjpeg is actually being used?

ldd ffplay does not list libopenjpeg.
grepping the  ffmpeg Makefiles reveals:

    ./libavcodec/Makefile: OBJ-$(CONFIG_LIBOPENJPEG_DECODER) += 
    ./libavcodec/Makefile: OBJ-$(CONFIG_LIBOPENJPEG_ENCODER) += 

grepping the output of nm -g ffplay_g for jpeg shows lots of symbols 
starting with ff_

Is there a symbol I can look for to verify that libopenjpegenc.o and 
libopenjpegdec.o have actually been included and are being called?

Any other things I can try?


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