[FFmpeg-user] Question about x11grab and mkv files

Giorgio Vazzana mywing81 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 18:39:09 CET 2012


when using the following commands with ffmpeg-master I get either an
output file I cannot play back with ffplay or an error:

ffmpeg -t 5 -f x11grab -video_size 640x480 -framerate 10 -i :0.0
-vcodec copy  output-master-copy.mkv
ffmpeg -t 5 -f x11grab -video_size 640x480 -framerate 10 -i :0.0
-vcodec ljpeg output-master-ljpeg.mkv

Note the the same commands work fine with ffmpeg-0.10.
Logs are here: http://mywing.altervista.org/tmp/ffmpeg-x11grab
The only difference I could spot was the pixel format: bgra for
ffmpeg-0.10 and bgr0 for ffmpeg-master.
Is this a regression or a known behavior? I'm not subscribed to the
list, please CC me in replies, thanks.

Giorgio Vazzana

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