[FFmpeg-user] Newb question: How can I access h.264-enabled webcams?

John Dexter jdxsolutions at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 13:37:24 CET 2012

> Well, ultimately I would like to process in real time. Actually, at this point, if I could just get the camera stream from the camera (as h.264) over the network to my client, that would be great. Although, I do need to decompress it on that end. I'm guessing I can do that? Would like to load as DLL or .bundle (win or mac) or pull from a client that can hand me uncompressed frames.

I'd be interested to hear about real-time encoding too for a slightly
different case. My source would be a 3D engine which is rendering
frames to an ARGB buffer rather than a webcam.

> (I take it that the custom is to reply at the bottom, rather than top of emails?)

Yes, bottom-post and turn of HTML/rich formatting if you want to avoid
being told off :)

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