[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg user list rules

Boštjan Strojan bostjan.strojan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 08:18:17 CET 2012

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 1:00 AM, Lou <lou at lrcd.com> wrote:
> Additions? Questions? Comments?


an overview/questions/additions:


ffmpeg-user mailing list specific rules:
* Avoid top-posting. Interleaved replying is standard etiquette.
an example of what you should NOT do

* Do not hijack threads (replying to a thread and changing the subject
 line to something completely unrelated that was not being discussed
 within the original thread).

* Configure your mail client to break lines after 70-80 characters.
(why exactly?)
p.s. it appears that gmail should break at 78 char.

How to provide the right information:
* Use recent ffmpeg from Git or a supported version of ffmpeg (see
 download page) if possible.

* Show your ffmpeg command and the complete, uncut console output
 of your command.

* If you attach files avoid compressing small files; uncompressed is
 preferred. (that's probably for patches/text files?)

* Use minimal commands to help narrow down what is causing the issue.
 Exclude filters and external encoders (usually anything lib*, such as
 libx264) if possible. (So there is no support for external encoders
such as x264, vp8?)

* Provide a link to samples if applicable (see datafilehost.com or
 mediafire.com if you need a file service).

* Avoid posting command lines that use shell variables. We need
 commands that allow anyone to easily duplicate your issue.

* I was told off for using HTML format (on by default in gmail) - is
that a rule?

* Deleting attributions is a tad impolite as well; I have to go upthread
to find out who you were quoting.


somebody should put that out of engrish and drop to some ffmpeg related web,
link could then be in the footer of all messages of this list?

Examples would help as well, for example i had to google to
understand/remember what is "top posting".


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