[FFmpeg-user] audio delay while converting flv to avi

John Saturday stozher at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 21:25:40 CET 2012

Hi Nicolas,

Good idea is to add also "-vsync 0" (or "-vsync 2" if errors) and "-r
24/1.001" or "-r 25" or "-r 30/1.001" to command line. If input is a
stream like .ts, .asf or direct capture from web TV use "-isync" to
rebuild index... (see FFMPEG manual).

ffmpeg -vsync 0 -async 1 -i ... -f ... -r 24/1.001 ...
ffmpeg -isync -vsync 2 -async 1 -i http://... -f ... -r 25 ...

Good luck!

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