[FFmpeg-user] questions about libavcodec

卜弋天 buyit at live.cn
Mon Feb 27 16:43:02 CET 2012

 > 卜弋天 <buyit <at> live.cn> writes:
> > because i only get the libavcodec binary image, i
> > don't know how to get the version of this library.
> That is not possible / not allowed.
> Could you elaborate?  i am sorry for top post, i hope this time the posting syle is ok. the scenario is as below:1. there is a APK(Android application package), the name of which is Roamsave, and this application will use libavcodec.so.2. i install this APK on a Samsung smart phone(ARM Cortex-A9-NEON), it runs well. it means the Roamsave can make a call.3. i install this APK on a Motorola smart phone(ARM Cortex-A9-NEON), it crashs in function ff_scalarproduct_int16_neon,     after disassembler libavcodec.so, i find that the crash reason is the second parameter of ff_scalarproduct_int16_neon does not    align to 128 bit, so ARM core give a data abort when executing un-alignment NEON instruction.   please advise, thanks very much. 		 	   		  

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