[FFmpeg-user] encoding multiple, discrete segments at once, into one continuous file

"Андрей" andrew2012 at flight.us
Mon Feb 27 18:22:41 CET 2012

 Is it possible to get ffmpeg to encode multiple discrete segments, for one 
continuous resulting file?
something semantically (but not syntactically, obviously) equivalent to:
{ -ss <start1> -t <duration1> }, {-ss <start2>  -t <duration2> }, { etc... 
If this doesn't exist, it seems the addition of this feature might be worth 
the effort
(one benefit is to cut out commercials or unwanted home-video scenes)
Or maybe the inverse option?  Instead of what to include, an option to 
exclude or skip segments:
ffmpeg -i blah.mpg -exclude_start 0:43:23 -t 0:00:20 [ -exclude_start 
1:04:31 -t 0:00:15, etc. ]

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