[FFmpeg-user] Quantify Video Quality

Jim Worrall coniophora at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 01:11:54 CET 2012

On Feb 26, 2012, at 9:20 PM, Atish Kathpal wrote:

> Hello
> I have a set of uncompressed videos in YUV format.
> I have obtained several derived copies in various formats and resolutions
> from these yuv files using FFmpeg transcoding. (YUVs ----> X Derived Copies)
> What I have also done is, transcode the yuv's into same resolution AVIs,
> and now obtained the same set of derived (transcoded) videos treat the AVIs
> as master. (AVIs ----> X Derived Copies)
> Now I wish to compare the quality of transcoded videos, when derived from
> AVIs to those derived from YUVs.

It is hard to imagine that the quality of the final transcoded videos
could be improved by going from an uncompressed file through some
(unspecified) codecs in an AVI first.  I would assume that the final
file made directly from the YUV is better.

To compare the quality, I would just look at a few samples.

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