[FFmpeg-user] converting 1080 to 720 mpeg2

John Saturday stozher at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 08:52:10 CET 2012

ffmpeg -vsync 2 -async 1 -i video-01.mpeg -t 00:10:00.000 -f mpegts
-c:v rawvideo -r:v 30/1.001 -filter:v scale=1280:720 -an

ffmpeg -vsync 2 -async 1 -i video-02.mpeg -t 00:10:00.000 -f mpegts
-c:v rawvideo -r:v 30/1.001 -an video-02.mpeg.ts

ffmpeg -isync "concat:video-01.mpeg.ts|video-02.mpeg.ts" <output
options> <output video>

First test 10 min + 10 min videos without audio... and my be you need
to add "-flags +ilme+ildct" if your video is an interlaced (search
with Google for screenshots of interlaced video; turn off
deinterlacing in your preferred player: see vertical and diagonal
borders of moving left-right objects, use pause of player).

... -r:v 30/1.001 -flags +ilme+ildct ...

Next replace "-an" with "-c:a copy" and add to this "-map 0:0 -map
0:1"... Your problems with AC3 audio my will be a different dialog
normalization level but first check if all good with videos.

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