[FFmpeg-user] Converting 16-bit TIFFs to Quicktime Motion-JPEG

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Feb 29 10:51:13 CET 2012

Jeremy Oddo <joddo <at> jerfu.com> writes:

> > > Does ffmpeg support 16-bit TIFFs?

I only realize now that "16-bit" does not completely describe 
the problematic files:
48 bit (non-alpha) tiff is completely supported,
64 bit (with transparency information) support is very limited.

> > You can re-encode them to a very limited list of other formats,
> Do you know where I can find a list of supported output formats?
> How can I tell which format(s) will work?

64 bit tiff can either be little endian or big endian, conversion 
is not yet possible, encoding works for the following formats:
dpx: both
libopenjpeg (j2k): native
pam: big endian
png: big endian
sgi: both
(tiff: little endian)

> > Patch very welcome, it is possible that it would not be too difficult
> > (RGB48 is supported).
> My programming chops probably aren't up to snuff. A patch from me
> would be less welcome than you think.

> Are there any other choices that you can think of for converting 16bit TIFFs
> to Quicktime?

Assuming we are talking about 64 bit (and not 48 bit which is supposed 
to work fine), I suspect QuickTime does not use the alpha information 
anyway and you should be able to use ImageMagick to convert to 48 bit.

Carl Eugen

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