[FFmpeg-user] difference between filter_complex and vf

Atli Thorbjornsson atlithorn at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 01:35:29 CEST 2012

> If it does not work, please post your complete command line and console
> output.

ffmpeg -i test1.flv  -i test2.flv -filter_complex

This works but the audio output is from test1 only. So I try to amerge
audio and I'm thinking this... but it feels wrong and doesn't work

ffmpeg -i test1.flv  -i test2.flv -filter_complex
amerge' out.flv

[overlay @ 0xb16c5c0] Media type mismatch between the 'Parsed_overlay_3'
filter output pad 0 and the 'Parsed_amerge_4' filter input pad 0
Cannot create the link overlay:0 -> amerge:0

> And please read the list's guidelines, especially the ones regarding
> top-posting. It is considered rude here.
> My sincerest apologies. I had no idea.


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