[FFmpeg-user] Hello,I want to know whether ffmpeg support dxva2?

高伟 highgod0401 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 02:59:50 CEST 2012

   I have set the dxva2 enable before I compiled the ffmpeg code whitch
version is 0.10.3.But when I decode a mpeg2video ,I found that it didn't
use the hwaccel to decode mpeg2video.I traced the code ,and found that
there were some problems in function "ff_find_hwaccel",the codec_ID has
matched but the pix_fmt didn't.Then I traced the function
"mpeg_get_pixelformat",I found that if the input parameter has the
PIX_FMT_HWACCEL attribute,the function will return the next pix_fmt,it
seems that it never return the PIX_FMT_HWACCEL attribute pix_fmt, so the
hwaccel's pix_fmt will never match and the "avctx->hwaccel" will always be

  So,I want to ask whether ffmpeg support dxva2,or should I use any flags
to use dxva2?

Best wishes.
Thank you!

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