[FFmpeg-user] White frames at the end

Jaume Lopez glueball at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 11:47:13 CEST 2012

> small delay. If the delay is more than half a frame then QT adds the extra
> white frame to the end.
> As I understand it, from Googling and this mail list, some audio codecs
> overlap audio frames, and add the audio from the overlapped parts together.
> So, without adding a delay the first half of the first audio frame would be
> at half level.
> I haven't re-tested faac in a mov in the last year or so.
> --
> Mark

I understand.

I tested the aac internal implementation with libx264. Same problem (the
length of that video is only 0.01 longer than original, so apparently the
issue is kind of reduced). Use of h264 seems to be mandatory because of
this: http://adspecs.yahoo.es/ynetwork-es/video-players/preroll.

Which ffmpeg options could I try to find a workaround? So far, -shortest
doesn't seem to have any effect. Limiting the length of the out file is not
an option for me, since we are going to process many videos in a batch
process (or I'd have to improve the launching mechanism to first analyze
the input file).

This would be much less of an issue if instead of a white screen, the extra
frames were just copies of the last frame in the video stream. Our client
specifically wants the last frame to contain the contact information.

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