[FFmpeg-user] Cannot generate a UDP stream of JPEG frames because there's no way to specify JPEG output if the output is not a file?

Marcello Antonucci m.antonucci at ezness.it
Sun Jun 10 19:03:54 CEST 2012


I am am working to a project where we want that a video stream be received
from a USB camera and then forwarded as a sequence of JPEG frames on UDP.
Also we want that this be done with minimal CPU consumption and latency.

For this task, we are considering to use ffmpeg, which looks ideal.

Since our USB camera supports MJPEG, we believe that the ideal solution is
to receive in MJPEG format from the camera, then use the mjpeg2jpeg filter
to convert each frame from MJPEG to JPEG without decoding and then

Our ffmpeg command line looks like this

ffmpeg -f dshow -c:v mjpeg -i video="(webcam name)" -c:v copy -bsf:v
mjpeg2jpeg -f image2 udp://

which seems correct to us, however ffmpeg complains that it cannot 

Could not get frame filename number 2 from pattern 'udp://'

We seem to understand that, since image2 is a generic namer and does not
imply a special representation format, ffmpeg tries to determine the exact
representation forma from the output file name... which in our case does not
exist, since the output is just a udp stream.

We have tried different parameters with to no avail.

So the question is, have we missed something? How are we supposed to obtain
the function that we want?


Thank you for any help that you will provide.

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