[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG Embedded Configuration

Steve Martin smartin9753 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 23:55:46 CEST 2012

> > I however am wanting to use a different
> > codec to decode the incoming h.264 streams.
> Please elaborate.

Instead of having the built in FFMPEG decode the incoming h.264 stream, I
want to disable FFMPEG's decoding of that stream format and have another
codec that is loaded on the machine, in this case CoreAVC, decode the h.264

> Now with standalone FFMPEG it's easy to use the configuration
> > tool to tell it not to decode h.264 streams, thus allowing the
> > other codec to do those specific streams.
> How?

In a standalone FFMPEG installation on windows, there is a configuration
utility that comes with the windows installer for FFMPEG that allows you to
configure how FFMPEG operates. In that configuration tool it's very easy to
disable FFMPEG from decoding whatever format you like, in this case h.264

> The question is, is there a way to send configuration information
> > like this to FFMPEG that is being called from a C++ wrapper that
> > is calling the FFMPEG functions directly?
> This question makes no sense to me (probably because I don't
> understand above sentence).

The application is using the FFMPEG libraries and calling the FFMPEG
functions directly using a C++ Wrapper, however this means that FFMPEG is
running the default configuration which is to attempt to decode all stream
formats. We want to be able to tell FFMPEG to not decode a specific stream
type, specifically h.264, thus letting the codec loaded into memory
(CoreAVC) do the decoding.

How can this be done when there is no configuration file for FFMPEG?


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