[FFmpeg-user] insert a logo with transparency

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Jun 21 09:40:52 CEST 2012

Rossana Guerra <guerra.rossana <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Carl, first of all, I didn't cut/hide anything

So what you are saying is that the ffmpeg version on Ubuntu 
does not show any header at all? No program name, no 
copyright notice, no version information, instead output 
starts with a warning ("Seems stream 0 codec frame rate ...")?
In this case, I am very sorry, I didn't use Ubuntu for a long 
time and I could not imagine they would change the default 
output so much.
Note that in this post, your output looked different:

> , it has no sense (and it would be foolish) if I want to 
> solve this problem or doing it in the correct manner. 
> I have been polite in my posts.

> Maybe is the version of FFMpeg running on Ubuntu 12, 
> it wasn't intentional at all.

You are misunderstanding:
I did not want to imply that you intentionally installed a 
broken version of FFmpeg, I wanted to explain that Ubuntu 
tries to force you (intentionally) to use a severely broken 
version of FFmpeg that - among hundreds of other bugs - 
contains some bugs that look security relevant (iow: a 
version that may have several security issues).
For that reason, Jon Severinsson kindly provides working 
FFmpeg binaries for Ubuntu, you will find the link on 

> (If you want I can attach an image of the console output).

Please don't;-)

> Apart of the FFmpeg version, is this the correct command?

I don't think so, because as explained, FFmpeg currently 
installed on your computer does not support alpha in bmp.
If it works for png, there is absolutely no reason to 
assume it wouldn't work for bmp, if it doesn't, there may 
be a bug. Allow me to repeat that one could argue bmp 
never contains alpha information but since both Gimp and 
ImageMagick support it, I believe it makes sense that 
FFmpeg also assumes alpha in bmp.

You should be able to convert your png (with alpha) to a 
bmp with alpha with 
$ convert alpha.png alpha.bmp
$ ffmpeg -i alpha.png alpha.bmp

Carl Eugen

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