[FFmpeg-user] Help me with multi input in a video

Emre Karataşoğlu letheea at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 09:12:20 CEST 2012

Thank you Roger for your interest .
If I use
ffmpeg.exe -i rtmp://localhost/live/me -vf "[in] scale=iw/2:ih/2,
pad=2*iw:ih [left]; movie=a.avi, scale=iw/4:ih/4 [right]; [left][right]
overlay=main_w/2:0 [out]"  -f flv rtmp://localhost/live/firstTwo

There is no problem , I take what I need .
But I wanna use

ffmpeg.exe -i rtmp://localhost/live/me -vf "[in] scale=iw/2:ih/2,
pad=2*iw:ih [left]; movie= rtmp://localhost/live/me1, scale=iw/4:ih/4
[right]; [left][right] overlay=main_w/2:0 [out]"  -f flv

In this case ffmpeg throw ex. I think cause of ':' I try to escape this
charecter with backslash. But noway.
ıt said 'missing key or no key/value  seperator found after key
Error movie parameter args with rtmp://...
I presume movie parameter waits for .mp4 .avi etc. like amovie wait for
.mp3 etc.
---- Secondly yes . I want 2 x 2 4 video .
Now I can do it with the code above in 2 proccess.
I join side by side each of pair
then I have two 1x1 videos

then I join again 1 x 1 video top and bottom .
after that I get 2x2 video .
in this case it's not problem but
in 4x4 video ? what the hell am I doıng ?


2012/9/14 Roger Pack <rogerdpack2 at gmail.com>

> > <!-- My code is -->
> > ffmpeg.exe -i 1a.avi -vf "[in] scale=iw/3:ih/3,
> > pad=3*iw+240:2*ih+220:200:100 [left]; movie=1c.avi,
> > <code>
> > like that . but when I try to replace 1c.avi with the rtsp://localhost
> ...
> > I got error 'unknown parameter '.
> I presume if you use rtsp://localhost ... by itself then it works?
> Maybe you need to use filter_complex?
> > ---> my seconde question is
> > - is it possible to 2x2 mosaic video show with ffmpeg ?
> > or which console tool I can succeed it ?
> so you want 4 videos displayed at the same time?
> -r
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