[FFmpeg-user] -qcomp 0.8 with no effect

Hugo Wau hugowau at gmx.net
Tue Sep 25 21:57:33 CEST 2012

Thank you Roger,

On 25.09.2012 17:06, Roger Pack wrote:
>> Thank you for your explanation. This sounds like an intelligent solution. My
>> image size is 720 x 576, the fps rate is 25, so, I should have 10,368,000
>> pixels per second. Yet I don't know the number of bits to use for the color.
>> And even if, what would the ffmpeg command-line look like for this two-pass
>> method?
> http://ffmpeg.org/trac/ffmpeg/wiki/x264EncodingGuide describes how to
> do 2 pass with x264. Not sure about mpeg output...
> -r
> _______________________________________________
Ah, well, thank you Roger, this is fine, it helps me much to understand. 
I am doing two things with ffmpeg. The first is DVDs. ffmpeg has it's 
own special options for DVDs (MP2 video and AC3 audio). I just use these 
options. But with some videos of over-length (up to three hours) I need 
some special compression and nee to reduce the bitrate that the video 
plus the entire, quite complex menue will fit a DVD and still plays on 
every average stand-alone DVD-player. (I had some problems with that in 
the past.)
Besides the DVD-Format are these videos also produced in the size 
320x240 for tablets or smartphones. I started with the AVI-Format, but 
with the increasing number of ANDROID gadgets is this format not well 
supported anymore (me thinks).
I still have to find out or ask which format is most favorable with the 
average number of handheld video players or tools, which are capable to 
play back videos.
Maybe then therefore could the "x264" encoder be used.

with kind regards

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