[FFmpeg-user] Is pcm_bluray to pcm_s16le lossless?

wtfux wtfux.dev at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 29 17:40:43 CEST 2012

2012/9/19 Harald Jordan <harald.jordan at redstream.at>

> Hm, first i would tend to demux and dump both audio streams to be sure it
> is the same.
> Second: just a shot in the dark: m2ts is a transport stream, so you should
> have one "Packet" overhead every 188 bytes (depending on the standard)
> which means dpending on the standard something between 2 and 18 bytes
> overhead every 188 bytes. (not completely sure about the numbers, but 2 is
> definitely minimum)  That is in deed what i call a lot of overhead...
> Like i said, just a shot in the dark, i never had a look into the m2ts
> they use on Blurays, but i dont think they invented their own TS standard
> with much larger Packets or similar...

Thanks for your tip.
The size of the streams match. I totally forgot that transport streams need
extra overhead since on Blu-Rays you can always seek to the beginning/end
to get all the needed meta information, so technically it could imho also
work without a transport stream but I guess they had a valid reason to use
these when defining the Blu-Ray standard.

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