[FFmpeg-user] overlay and drawtext

jacky renaux.jacky at orange.fr
Fri Jan 25 09:15:19 CET 2013

Le 24/01/2013 22:24, Carl Eugen Hoyos a écrit :
> jacky <renaux.jacky <at> orange.fr> writes:
>> ffmpeg -i smptebars.flv -i uad.png -filter_complex
>> "[0][1]overlay[b];[b] drawtext=fontsize=20:
>> fontfile=C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/ARIAL.TTF:=text=hello
> I suspect there is a problem with the escaping
> of ":" in "C:", either try "C\\:" or copy ARIAL.TTF
> into your current directory.
> (And I wonder if "=text=hello" is really the
> correct syntax.)
> Carl Eugen
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I found which I had syntax problem these are working fine
_texte from the command line_
ffmpeg -y -i  in_file.flv -i logo.png -filter_complex 
drawtext=fontfile=/Windows/Fonts/arialbd.ttf:text=my texte 

_texte taken from  my_texte.txt file _
ffmpeg -y -i  in_file.flv -i logo.png -filter_complex 

these exemples belongs to the archive thanks to all

I still have a pending question
how could I made with ffmpeg a png file with transparency and/or alpha 
like pink at 0.5 (example)
I have tried
ffmpeg -i uad.jpg  -vcodec png -pix_fmt rgb32 -y uad.png

many thanks to all

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