[FFmpeg-user] Specify log file for 2-pass encoding

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> Subject: [FFmpeg-user] Specify log file for 2-pass encoding
> I'm using ffmpeg to do 2-pass mpeg encoding with '-ovc lavc' and the
> mpeg4 codec on Linux.  This
> generates a divx2pass.log file in the directory where the files are
> I'm trying to encode multiple files at the same time on different CPU
> and the log files are clobbering each other.  How can I specify which name
> like the log file to have?  The ffmpeg man page says the -passlogfile can
> used to specify the logfile for pass 1.  But how do I tell ffmpeg to use
that log
> file in pass 2?

IIRC you specify the same option for both passes. The documentation on the
'-pass' option:

	‘-pass[:stream_specifier] n (output,per-stream)’

	    Select the pass number (1 or 2). It is used to do two-pass video
encoding. The statistics of the video are recorded in the first pass into a
log file (see also the option -passlogfile), and in the second pass _that_ 
	log file is used to generate the video at the exact requested

> The man page and the HTML documentation doesn't mention divx2pass.log.
> Thanks
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