[FFmpeg-user] OpenCL features

Ramit Bhalla ramitbhalla at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 23:42:05 CET 2014

> What about libx264, does ffmpeg need to be compiled
> > with opencl to use that flag in x264opts?
> I think that wouldn't make sense.
> (Are you sure that opencl makes sense for libx264?)
> From what I read here, x264opts has an option called opencl, when
specifics it uses hardware for lookahead. Am wondeirn how much difference
that would make in the overall encoding process?


Will a graphics card make x264 encode
Not necessarily. x264 supports
 for some lookahead operations. There are also some proprietary encoders
that utilize the GPU, but that does not mean they are well optimized,
though encoding time may be faster; and they might be worse than vanilla
and possibly slower. Regardless, FFmpeg today doesn't support any means of
GPU encoding, outside of libx264.

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